Why a yarn emoji?

I’m a front-end developer and knitter. Earlier this year, Facebook + collaborators released a new package manager called “Yarn” — with it the tech community discovered there was no yarn emoji:

So it occurred to me — why not see how to get it added? I started looking into the process for proposing a new emoji character, and as I began writing it and examining the  existing suite of characters, I realized how lacking it is in the crafting/arts/handmade area. So I thought, let’s do it. Now, I’m finishing up the proposal draft and need your help!

Panel 1


I think it’s fun. If you think the extremely limited suite of crafting emoji should be expanded to include yarn (representing knitting, crochet and fiber arts far and wide), please support on Twitter or Instagram (whichever you use — or both!) to help me demonstrate demand.

Twitter: retweet/like the tweet below!

Instagram: like/comment on the insta post below!

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This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.